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Semicote Powders - Yttrium Oxide IC Series Powders
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Yttrium oxide based surface coatings are applied to further enhance the anodized aluminum metal primary used in machinery IC chamber components.

Corrosion and errosion resistance are critical and important properties for parts used in vacuum chamber and Semi Conductor (IC) manufacturing, where both corrosive chemistries and high energy plasma bombardment reduce component lifetime and create contamination problems.

HA 4002 Yttrium Oxide powders, when thermal sprayed, provide a protective coating on the aluminum alloy chamber components which improves the resistance of the surface to corrosion and erosion dramatically. Particularly in the flourine and oxygen plasma



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Fig 1.
environment used in the fabrication of IC’s, improvements by a factor
of 5 are realized.

Coatings produced
(Fig. 1.) with the HA 4002 powders exhibit high densities, with less than
1% porosity, engineered surface finishes, and excellent corrosion and erosion resistance.

Powder Characteristics

Our Yttria powders are a minimum of 99.9% pure Yttrium Oxide (Y2O3)powders, designed to meet stringent semi-conductor industry requirements.

• All HA 4002 powders have spherical shape (Fig. 2.) as produced by either agglomerated or
agglomerated and sintered processes.

• Available powder sizes distributions are shown in Table 1 and Fig 3.

• Typical Chemical analysis is shown in Table 2.
Table 1
Fig 2
Fig 3.
Powder Number Powder Type Powder Size RA (uinch)
HA 4002 Sray Dried -63+5 um
HA 4002-1 Spray Dried/Sintered -53+10 um
HA 4002-2 Spray Dried/Sintered -75+15 um


Weight Percent


99.9 min.













All Others


Table 2